Thursday, December 21, 2006

Animals attack bonsai

There is some kind of animal. It comes into my yard at night and throws my small boxwood off the table to the ground. This has happened three times now.
The boxwood has not been potted from its old nursery soil to bonsai soil. What this means is that the roots of my boxwood are more or less fine because the nursery soil is compacted and holds the roots in place. If the plant were in bonsai soil, most of the soil would fall off the roots if the tree fell off the table. Then one would have the problem of replanting stress to deal with, in addition to the stress of being dropped. (breakage, moss loss, bending out of shape)
What am I going to do about it? I secured the plant to the pot more firmly with wire looped through the bottom holes and twisted tightly at the top, to aid the safekeeping of the roots. I hope the animal doesn't come back.

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