Thursday, October 11, 2007

Russel Nursery will get us plants!

Russel Nursery is willing to order us seedlings from Heritage Seedlings. If we pre-order plants through Russel Nursery, then we don't have to worry about permits and brokers and too much volume.

The Heritage catalogue is posted on the webpage under featured websites. On page 40 there is a list of common bonsai species that Heritage grows.

At the meeting there will be someone collecting pre-orders for Russel Nursery/Heritige Seedlings. The final prices will be 3 times the wholesale price plus tax. This springs' $5.99 acer buergerianum (trident maple) will be next spring's (if pre-ordered) $3.75 acer.

There are some conditions. They cannot bring in Oaks or Pines this year. As well, they must order in bundles of 25. Yes, this means dispite the reaserch you did into the ginko "chi chi," unless together we get 25 ordered, there will be no ginko "chi chi."

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